Our Background


Stephen Kelly is an oral historian and the author of many oral history books. In particular a number of his books focus on sport. They include an oral history of the Kop at Liverpool Football Club and ‘Red Voices’, an oral history of Manchester United. More recently he has published an oral history of the 1950s, ‘You’ve Never Had It So Good’ and an oral history of the Korean War ‘British Soldiers of the Korean War, In Their Own Words’. He is by training a journalist and previously worked for Tribune newspaper and also as a producer at Granada Television. He was also Director of the Centre for Oral History Research at the University of Huddersfield for a number of years. He is currently Visiting Professor in History at Manchester Metropolitan University and Visiting Professor in Journalism at the University of Chester. He and Judith are currently collaborating on an oral history of Granada Television.

Judith Jones worked in Higher Education for many years and held a senior management position at Liverpool John Moores University. She also worked at Granada Television, including a period on ‘Coronation Street’, which was to prove invaluable when collaborating with Stephen Kelly on a collection of oral history interviews to celebrate the programme’s fortieth anniversary.  Judith has completed a short oral history of cinema-going in Chorlton during the Second World War and is now a co-researcher on the ‘Granadaland’ project, collecting memories of staff who worked at Granada TV between 1956 and 1990.

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