Vox Pops is a community oral history organisation based in Manchester that offers support and training for oral history projects anywhere in the country.  Vox Pops was founded more than ten years ago by Stephen Kelly and the BBC radio producer Clare Jenkins. Together they worked on more than twenty projects, mainly in the Yorkshire region. The organisation is now run by Stephen Kelly and Judith Jones and continues to offer high level advice, training and interviewing for all oral history projects.


Much of our previous work has been linked to projects funded through the Heritage Lottery Fund and we have specific knowledge of the requirements of this form of financing. Past projects have also involved working with children, the visually impaired and the deaf.

Stephen is a North West Regional Network Organiser for the Oral History Society and has strong national links within oral history.  In addition to offering training, Stephen and Judith continue to carry out their own oral history projects.  A previous project focussed on the renowned television soap ‘Coronation Street’ and these interviews were subsequently published in a book, ‘Forty Years Of Coronation Street.’  They are currently working on an oral history of Granada TV



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