How Can We Help You?


How can Vox Pops help your oral history project?

  • We can provide advice right from when you are developing your project and can advise what type of training would be best.
  • We can provide references for your funder, review your proposal and give you estimates of the cost of training.
  • Once you have been allocated funding, we can talk to you about the content of your training and how we can provide it.

Our training usually includes;

  • What is oral history and why is it important to record people’s memories?
  • How do you interview people to get the best results?
  • What equipment is best for your project and your outcomes? Is it better just to record sound or think about filming as well? And what IT support might you need?
  • What will you do with your interviews – for example, are you setting up a website, producing a pamphlet, producing a play? We can guide you through the different options?
  • What do you need to know about ethics, libel and GDPR?
  • What is the best way of storing, uploading and transcribing your interviews?

We usually advise organisations carrying out an oral history society to join the Oral History Society.  This is the foremost body in the UK supporting oral history and their website is a great resource for all aspects of oral history.  You can find out more at:


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