How We Can Help You


Vox Pops can help your community projects in a number of ways. First, we can provide advice about training and what kind of training you might require. We can provide references, proposals and estimates of costs for training. This training can be tailor made to suit your purposes and costs.

Once you have been allocated funding from whatever body, Vox Pops can then provide the necessary training.

Our training generally falls into a number of sessions:

Session One: What Is Oral History?

We look at the various types of oral history, examining a range of websites and publications. Why oral history is important. What you can do with oral history.The importance of knowing what you are going to do with your interviews. Areas you can apply oral history to. Why everybody has a story to tell. And finally, why it is important to record memories while people can still remember. This is normally a half day session.

Session Two: Interviewing Techniques.

Equipment, what kind of equipment to use and how to use it. How to set up an interview, where to do the interview, the kind of questions to ask. How to frame your questions. Closed questions. What makes a good interview and getting people to tell stories. The importance of good research. Having patiently listened to us you will then get the opportunity to do your own interviewing. And will continue to practice. This session is normally a full day but can be broken down into two half day sessions or even more depending on the numbers requiring training.

Session Three: Transcribing, consent forms and ethical issues.

If you intend to do your own transcribing we will look at some of the rules to follow. We will also look at some of the various ethical issues surrounding oral history, such as sensitive areas of questioning and what to do if an interviewee is obviously upset. We will also look at libel and why it is important. And also look at consent forms and why they are important. We will show you a template.

Anyone doing an oral history project should join the Oral History Society. This is the foremost body in the UK dealing with oral history and has an international reputation. Their website provides information about all aspects of oral history with news and a magazine The annual subscription is £30. There is also an annual conference. 


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